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Mr. Hariton, a mentor to other attorneys, remains a friend to various nonprofit charitable organizations and has acted as counsel therefor on a pro bono basis. He is a zealous advocate and continues to have a deep reverence for the practice of law and our system of jurisprudence.



The LAW OFFICES OF JOE HARITON is a select law firm of select cases.  It is a law firm to which other lawyers refer significant matters.

Mr. Hariton – Trial Lawyer and Litigator – is a multiple state bar member who is additionally certified to practice before all of the Federal Courts of the State of California.  He has practiced law in California for more than thirty years.  His vast experience includes serving as lead counsel in a multitude of mediations, arbitrations and trials.  Mr. Hariton has secured numerous significant injury recoveries in excess of the one million dollar benchmark for plaintiffs and he has litigated multimillion dollar claims on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants.  His breadth of general and specialized knowledge, analytical and advocacy skills, and ability to make difficult thought easily understood have served his clients well, time and time again.

Those who have been Mr. Hariton’s clients include the gravely injured, well known individuals and entities in the entertainment industry, recording industry, professional sports, general business, doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and people in all walks of life.

When the LAW OFFICES OF JOE HARITON is retained, Mr. Hariton will be the one handling the significant aspects of the matter.  He will be the one taking and defending the depositions.  He will be the one representing the client at any mediation, arbitration or trial.  That is what the client deserves and that is what the client gets when the LAW OFFICES OF JOE HARITON is retained.

Legal Practice Areas

Catastrophic Injuries and Wrongful Death

Significant Personal Injury

Dispute Resolution

Government Tort Liability

Business Torts

Product Liability

Employment Law

Criminal Defense

Business Disputes

Elder Abuse

Real Property Ligitation

Contract Actions

Insurance Litigation

Healthcare Malpractice

Fraud and Negligent Misrepresentation

Other Legal Matters

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